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Southwestern Bell Telephone Company provides local telephone service in St. Francois County via a #5 Electronic Switching System.The system provides high-quality digital transmission and is engineered for less than two hours of down time in a four year period.The system also detects trouble and repairs itself, often before a customer is aware of a problem.Nearly all central offices are fiber optically linked.A network modernization plan called Telefuture 2000 upgraded all central offices to digital technology in 1991.

Plexar is a telephone-company based communications system, requiring no large capital investment for equipment on the customer’s premises.Plexar saves money by requiring only standard telephone sets.Additionally, repairs are extremely rapid since most can be made at the telephone company.Plexar offers intercom calling, call hold, add-on (lets user add a third party to a telephone conversation), call pickup (lets user answer calls from another office), and call transfer (lets user transfer calls within office).Plexar may be custom-designed to meet user needs.

Data Transmission Services provide transmission within a given local address transport area (LATA), (essentially within a specific area code).Interstate (or inter-lata) data transmission serves high-capacity data transmission needs to another state or LATA.

Megalink II offers high-speed data transmission guaranteed 99.5% error-free at 56 kilobits per second (kb/s).Megalink supports point-to-point or multi-point digital service with private lines at speeds of 2.4, 4.8, 9.6 and 56 kb/s, providing transmission within a given local access transport area (essentially within a given area code).

Megalink III is designed to link two locations and carry large volumes of data at high speeds.The user can transmit digital information, and voice, low and high-speed data, video signals, electronic mail, facsimile or any other service which can be digitally encoded.Megalink is highly effective for computer-to-computer bulk data transfer and retrieval.This service can be used in a single transmission mode with a maximum speed of 1.544 mb/s for high-speed applications.

Parcel Service

Domestic and international parcel delivery service is available throughout St. Francois County.Major services include:


Network and educational television programming is provided by nine area television stations.Cable service is available throughout the County, as is satellite/dish reception.In addition to radio stations KDBB (B104.3 FM), KFMO (1240), KREI (800), KTJJ FM (98.5) and KYLS AM-FM, which serve the local needs of the County, a wide range of AM/FM radio programming is received from throughout the midwest.


The Daily Journal, published in Park Hills, provides national and international news and comprehensive coverage of local news, sports and community events.The Daily Press Leader provides local coverage in the City of Farmington.

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